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Saab 96 V4

Bill was found by Wendy on EBay in 2005 looking very sorry for himself but in good solid condition. He also came with a spare car. So the deal was done and armed with 2 trailers, we set off to the old service station on the A30 at Wellington to collect the cars.

After loading the two Saabs and looking around at all the other cars (Escorts, Minis etc) in the same yard, the owner asked if we would like to see his works mini, I though “Oh Yeah” and to all of our surprises it was E8 EMO, Paddy Hopkirk and Raymond Baxter’s Monte Carlo Car. So that’s Bills Claim to Fame!!!

So, after arriving home, Bill was stored, moved from here to there as house moves and business dictated. The restoration didn’t begin properly until 2009.

The shell was completely stripped, the body sent away and welding was done by Les Watson in Tavistock. This involved manufacturing new sills and engine bay floor but all in all, not bad for a 1972 Car.

Once Bill had returned, engine bay prep started first and then the interior, It was cleaned and then painted satin black. All under seal was removed and many coats of red oxide and new under seal was applied.

All the wings and panels were repaired by Andy Snook at Tinhay Garage. This was a time consuming job, making parts and letting metal in, despite that he did an excellent job. After this was done all the panel work was sent for shot blasting. By this time I had bought various 96’s for spares.

With the engine bay all painted, the original gearbox was refitted then the engine was rebuilt:

Standard bores

New rings

Reground crank

New Shells and Balancer bearings

Lightened Flywheel

Kent 275 Cam

Heads done to works spec by Pete Willis as well as his own mods.

2.8 Capri Valves and Unleaded conversion

Skimmed as required, 25thou.

Carburetion - Early Works Type

Twin choke manifold with 34 Dgas carb.

Exhaust Jetex System modified to fit the heads.

Once the engine was fitted and running, the car was sent to the bodyshop, where Jamie Wales did is thing with the paint. It was painted Lamborghini blue with many coats of lacquer.

On returning from the body shop, Bill was reassembled and trimmed with re-trimmed seats front and rear.

August 2012, and Bill was MOT’d and on the road after setting the carb and timing. All seems good and well worth all the work by everyone.




Ported Head works spec

Cam 275

34 DGas carb works manifold (ported)

Unleaded conversion

Lighten flywheel.


Standard Rear

Focus C-max fronts with Mondeo callipers.

Standard Master Cylinder


Standard with gas shocks

All blasted and painted.

All new bearings throughout.


Jetex Modified


Bonded to 6J.

Fitted 175/65 Mini One tyres.

Thanks to:

Tania, Kelvin, & Richard for all their work on Dads car.

Pete Willis Engineering (Heads)

Andy Snook - Main man (Tinhay Garage)

Jamie Wales - Paint work

Launceston trim shop - seats.

Les Watson Welding

And to Wendy - my long suffering Wife!!

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