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BMW V8 Compact

BMW Compact 3.5 V8 - Ideal as a Track day car/Project.

We thought it might be a good idea to drop a V8 in it... So we did!

It wasn't too bad a job:Engine mounts were made up.Prop modified.Rover SD1 Gearbox.Exhaust manifolds made and rapped.Uprated radiator from 325 engine.Engine spec:3.5 V8 Ported heads with kent double springs skimmed.Hurricane camStd FollowersAdjustable push rods (Real steel bottom end bolts)Timing button to stop floatSteal timing gearsOffy manifold with 600CFM double pump carbElectronic ignition.

There are no power figures as its not been on a rolling road but there is definitely enough to be interesting!!!

Brakes:Braided hoses front and rear with 323 E36 brakes on the front.Standard on rear, this works fine as the car is stripped to just two seats and the sunroof has been removed.

Final drive is 3.91:1 not limited slip.

Suspension:This is one area we didnt get round to doing.

This car now lives in Ireland.


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